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DIY Fall Decorating

Are you looking for some easy and affordable ways to get your home fall-ready for celebrating holidays, relaxing with family, or for a pleasant change of scenery? Below are six suggestions that you can do yourself to have a space that says “Welcome Fall” no matter the occasion. 

Use What You Have

Maybe you haven’t inventoried your current selection of storage bins since the last PCS, but start your decorating by first taking stock of items you have on hand. Chances are you have seasonal items stashed away that you may not remember purchasing or using. Use this as an opportunity to decide what to keep and use or what to toss. While you have out your bins and are in an organizing mood, might as well tidy up the other holiday bins too. Come December, your future self will thank you!

Repurpose Items to Give Them a Fresh Look and New Use

Can you deconstruct a wreath and add new stems or ribbon to fall-ify it? Have any scrap wood or timber and some acrylic paints you can use to make a sign? Letter a fun fall message by hand or with a vinyl cutting machine. Get creative and just go for it with outside-the-box ideas like these canning jar lid pumpkins or these fabric toilet paper pumpkins by using your fabric stash. This seems like a genius way to disguise what has been a hot commodity during the pandemic! 

Consider the Grocery Store the New Craft Store

Some DIY fall decor could be as easy as your next visit to the supermarket. Many stores carry a wide selection of unusual and unique pumpkins, gourds, and squashes that offer a natural, seasonal look. Group these together in a basket or bowl for a cool wow factor that looks purposeful and put together. Grocery stores are also an excellent place to shop for fall mums and perennial fresh flower bouquets. While you’re there, gather supplies for a fall drink station with cider, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and fall-flavored coffees. Cinnamon sticks and mulling spices can add to the autumnal ambiance as well. 

Pleasant Smells + Aromas

When you start making plans to decorate for fall, be sure to think about addressing all five of the senses. Many folks only consider the visual appeal of their decor. Fragrant smells can also subtly set the stage for that cozy fall feeling. Scented candles, essential oil blends, and the smells of fresh-baked apple pie or pumpkin bars fill your home and help your home tell the story of the season. The latter also makes for yummy treats or snacks for guests or family members. 

A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Another of the senses to address is touch. Fall is the time of year when many families want to snuggle up on the couches and cuddle together to watch favorite family holiday films. Change out your throw pillows and set out enough blankets for each person in the house to have his/her own. Remember you aren’t just creating vignettes in corners of your home that look like fall. You are creating an atmosphere for your family and all those who step inside to embrace shorter days and cooler weather. 

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Finally, the simplest and most affordable way to DIY your fall decor is to shop or forage in your backyard. There are all kinds of free materials found in nature that with a little thought and creativity, can be transformed from weed or branch into a spectacular centerpiece or mantle decor. Fill your favorite vase with bare tree branches for a bold visual impact. Take dried stems, acorns, or pinecones and make a table arrangement full of natural elements. The best part about using nature to decorate, aside from cost, is that there’s nothing to store or pack away when you are finished using it. Simply toss it back outside to decompose. 

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