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How Local Sporting Venues Can Impact Your Quality of Life

With warmer weather in the air and many previous pandemic restrictions being lifted, people are generally feeling ready to get outdoors and enjoy the area in which they live. 

Where To Look for Sporting Venues

Even if the military stations you in a small town or remote area, chances are there are likely some sporting venues within a few hours’ drive. And if traveling to see your favorite Major League Baseball team, National Football League team, or National Basketball Association team isn’t your cup of tea, do not fret because sports of all shapes, sizes, and fascinations abound! 

From professional-level sports all the way down to little league, there are likely sporting venues all around you. Are there college sports teams in your town that may offer lacrosse, soccer, or rugby matches to watch, either at a collegiate or club level? Are there any fun things a particular region offers for spectators like the Boston Marathon, The Masters at Augusta National, The Kentucky Derby, or The Indianapolis 500?

These are often once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list events but don’t underestimate the same amount of fun to be had at the local rodeo, minor league baseball games, a city-wide pickleball tournament, or Friday night races at the race track. Think outside the box and consider the nuanced locality of where you live to find something fun to spectate. 

Tips for Enjoying the Event

There are many ways to enjoy a sporting event but keep these tips in mind:

  • Factor in the whole cost of attendance: Consider not just admission but the price of parking, concessions, and souvenirs as well as transportation to and from the event as it all adds up quickly.
  • Look for ways to save: Does your local Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) offer discounted tickets; does the park itself offer bundles or packages; are there certain days of the week that tickets are cheaper or the venue is offering a promotion? 
  • Pack the right supplies: Are you allowed to bring along your own food or snacks into the venue; do you need to lather up with sunscreen or bring a hat to withstand the sun; or would it be helpful to have a poncho in case of rain? 
  • Decide on the right group to bring along: Is your venue more suited for an adults-only gathering; will kids be able to enjoy a lengthy event; is there a lot of walking involved? Pairing the right sporting event with the right participants will be key to making the most of the fun.
  • Don’t forget to document: Be sure to snap a few photos of the event whether you post them to social media to share with a wider audience or simply to document the day for your own memory-making; having a photo or two will help you remember the day fondly.

Quality of Life

Whether you are an avid sports fan or simply enjoy getting out to explore venues around your home with the people you love, there are certain quality of life benefits that these experiences can offer you. 

  • You can become more familiar with the geography and roads of where you live, giving you more confidence to further explore the area
  • Spending time outside of home or work can be an enriching experience to bond you to your area or region
  • Specific events like attending a baseball game or watching a hometown race can create memories that are tied to a particular time of life
  • Certain levels of socializing and even networking are available at these events, depending on who participates along with you
  • You can build team spirit or esprit de corps among your local fans which can lift your mood significantly

Whether you are new to an area or have been settled for a while, this spring and summer make it a priority to do a little research on sporting venues in your area and see what fun opportunities they can bring!

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