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children in costume trick or treating in neighborhood with a dog

To Trick or Treat?

Most normal years, people have strong feelings one way or the other about Halloween and trick or treating. This year, while the option may still be available in most communities, extra considerations and precautions must be incorporated. Below are four ideas to keep in mind to make sure you feel like you’ve been treated instead […]

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5 Ways to Create Events That Facilitate Connections

Just because there’s a pandemic going on and many large group gatherings are a bad look, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create events to help get to know your neighbors and community. It’s still safe to be outside. While practicing social distancing and appropriate mask-wearing you can continue to connect with neighbors, friends, and

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Neighborhood Fun

Your neighbors are important because everyone wants to live in a nice neighborhood. Because we, despite living in a world that’s seemingly constantly connected, feel disconnected and long for the idyllic streets of our childhood (or the heartwarming movies we watch). Because we fantasize about our kids, fresh into yet another military move, bonding instantly

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