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DIY: Holiday and Winter Decor

No matter where or how you plan to celebrate the holidays this year, part of the joy and fun of this season is found in all of the wonderful decor you can use to enhance your home and enrich your experience. Whether your decor is about to be packed up or recently delivered for a winter PCS or you’re going way over the top because this year has proven to be so much that you just want to indulge every one of your five senses with merry-making magic, these four DIY decor projects will help you to celebrate the season in style. The following can be made to enjoy throughout the winter without being holiday-specific. 


One of the most popular decor elements to add to your holidays is a fun wreath. Wreaths can have a big impact both indoors and outdoors. A wreath can add flair to a door, a mirror, or on a wall. These days it’s acceptable to make a beautiful wreath out of just about anything. All you need is a wreath frame (found easily at many local dollar or craft stores), something to attach your items with like hot glue or metal twists, and you can be up and running in no time. Need some wreath ideas? Use pinecones, natural elements, ribbon, or ornaments. Anything goes, but try sticking with one consistent item for a wreath that has a wow factor.  


Another simple but heavy-hitting decor item that is easy to DIY is a garland. Maybe you’re going old school and threading popcorn and cranberries for the Christmas tree. Or maybe you’re making a large garland of holiday cards to display now and year ‘round. Like wreaths, garlands can be designed featuring many easy to come-by items. Consider using natural elements too. If you plan to buy a real Christmas tree from a tree farm, many will give away leftover greenery scraps at no cost. A natural, green garland of fresh greenery accented with ribbon or colorful ornaments can be a beautiful addition in a variety of spaces in your home. 


It doesn’t get much more do-it-yourself than to set an intention to winterize or holiday-up your mantle without spending money or going shopping. Can you find things within your home to decorate your mantle with at low or no cost? Mantles are a great place to add that wreath or garland you’ve made. Consider adding a big impact piece like a large mirror, an art print, or a seasonal sign you have planned for another part of the house. Once you have your statement item what else could you add to visual impact? Have any collections like taper candles, bottle brush Christmas trees, or a ceramic holiday village? By grouping your entire collection together in one place, you have helped to direct others’ eyes to one main focal point where they can ooh and ahh over your creative genius. (Be sure to take extra safety precautions with the items you use to decorate your mantle if you plan to burn real or gas fires in your fireplace!)


One thing is certain during the holidays, family and friends plan to gather and enjoy the seasonal, edible treats of the season. If you want to elevate your style and your table game, consider DIY-ing your table-scape. Think centerpieces and how you can mindfully set a proper table. Need it kid-friendly? Consider laying craft paper for cookie making or a kiddie dinner table. Tie a candy cane in with the silverware and voila…happy kids! For the grownups, consider using your live poinsettias, your Christmas cactus plant, or even some holly from a shrub as the star of the show. There’s nothing prettier (and often more fragrant) than live flowers or greenery atop your holiday table. 

Save your winter budget for gift getting and charitable organizations. By thinking outside the box and getting creative you can add many beautiful, seasonal accents to your holiday home. 

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