Making a Mission Statement for Your Home

As military service families, we are no strangers to the idea of mission-focused living. It’s what drives the force, guides our day to day activities, and gives us a specific objective to work towards. While a military mission is a living, breathing thing, your home, too,–albeit a static object–might benefit from having its own mission statement. Sure, you may think of this as something for the tangible brick, mortar, siding, and rooms or you may think of it for the idea of HOME you are creating inside the four walls.

Whether you are just settling into a new home or have been in your current house for a while, there is no time like a new year to consider creating a mission statement for your home for a new start and fresh inspiration. If you are in the market for a home, having a mission statement might even help you more accurately select your next house in a way that you haven’t previously considered.

Taking the time to reflect and list out specific objectives can be a clarifying exercise for the whole family. By answering the four questions below, you’ll get a good idea of where to begin with your home’s mission statement.

Who Is the Home For?

Who is your home for? Is it truly for the whole family? Who lives in the house? How does this inform the way the spaces and rooms are designed? For example? Are there kids? Pets? Regular overnight visitors? Do you entertain regularly? Will the keys one day be turned over to renters as income-generating property? Over the course of the life of the home, who will enter inside? 

What Will It Be Used For?

Now that you are clear on who the home is for, it’s also important to visualize how the home will be used. Obviously sleeping, having meals, and relaxing are high on the list. Beyond that, are there any spaces you’d like to devote to a specific hobby like exercise, gardening, or preserving a special collection? Will you host family holidays? Run your small business from the home office? Gaining an understanding of this matter will point you closer toward the target of your mission. 

What Values Will Drive Your Home/Family? 

What are the most important and crucial values for your family? Is it time together? Spaces for each person to recharge alone? Do you value solitude, hospitality, sleep, meals around the table, or privacy? Maybe you want your home to be a reprieve from the demands of military life. Getting clear on your values also informs your mission. 

Can You Make Your Mission Statement Actionable?

Finally, after you have had a family discussion to discern who your home is for, what it will be used for, and the values that will drive your home and family, you are now ready to put all of that information into actionable objectives. Keep in mind, most mission statements are short, to the point, and have actionable statements like “In this house, we choose an attitude of kindness and acceptance.” Before you know it your mission statement will write itself. Bonus points if you decide to turn your home’s mission statement into artwork for the walls so that those inside your walls will have a tangible, visible reminder of what the home is all about. 


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